Where play and creative expression

are encouraged on a daily basis

Our Art Gallery & Art Center

Miss Kelly's Academy
A Community Preschool
Ages Three-Five

Children's art is encouraged daily as students are free to express themselves in our open art area.  Our paint easels and art tables are open during each self selection period where there are no restrictions to what children may experience with. 


Student's also have the option to work in their art gallery.  This is used to promote the children’s creativity and independence as well as give them a sense of responsibility.  The art gallery will be up year round and change every two weeks (or depending on the children’s interest).  The children’s art pieces will be displayed on the bulletin board and are theirs to take down and work on during any self selection time.  It is their choice when they would like to work on their piece, and their responsibility to hang their piece up when they are done for the day.


Examples of art gallery pieces: Canvas with acrylic, wooden palate with collage materials, scratch paper, water color paper with water colors, foil and fancy paper, colored sand collages


Art gallery pieces rotate  to encourage children to experience with new materials and tools. Once children are finished with an art piece, a new art gallery piece and materials are provided.