Miss Kelly's Academy
A Community Preschool
Ages Three-Five

Where play and creative expression

are encouraged on a daily basis

Circle time and Job time will be the only point in the day that the groups are separated. The rest of the school day, the children will use the school as their community classroom.

We will have 24 students and four teachers daily.  The school will be organized by the learning centers, and will follow a Daily Schedule.


For circle time to be beneficial, children will be split up into two groups for the school year.  We will divide the children up to  have equal amounts of each age to create the dynamic we love.


Kelly & Andrea will have a schedule to ensure they see both groups throughout the week, and develop a relationship with all the children.

(Beginning August 2016)

A community preschool incorporates the entire school as the children's classroom.   Children are not assigned to specific classrooms or teachers; they have the freedom to explore the school as their own classroom.

By creating a community preschool, we create an environment in which students feel  valued as individuals, as well as connected to one another.  They will grow a confidence in their need to belong, be competent, experience independence, and take ownership in the school as a whole.

Our school strives to build honor, and have a sense of place and memory throughout our traditions, and base our decisions on shared goals and directions.  Our academy is a community of teachers, students, and families.


Our community helps students grow, learn, and collaborate through their self expectations, challenges, and goals. Everyone in our community preschool will benefit when it is learned, that as a community each person has concern for the rest of its members.