Where play and creative expression

are encouraged on a daily basis

Daily Jobs are a part of our classroom routine, and motivate children to be an active part of the school.  Children will practice independence and take on responsibility for their job each day.  They will be able to choose which job they would like to be, and will be encouraged to practice new jobs to help gain experiences with different responsibilities.


Our Daily Jobs

Miss Kelly's Academy
A Community Preschool
Ages Three-Five

Electrician – Turns off the lights when we leave the room and turns them back on when we return; Turns on the fans if it gets too hot.

Line Leader- Leads us wherever we may need to go

Gardener: Waters our plants and flowers in the garden

Name Tag Helper: Passes out our friends name tags each day to sign in after circle time

Door Holder- Politely holds the door for his/her classmates until they are all outside/inside

Doctor- Helps get band aides and ice packs when a classmate is in need

DJ- Chooses the music we listen to throughout the day.

Meteorologist- Checks the weather for us and updates our weather chart

Friend Counter- Makes sure we have the right amount of friends after every transition and uses the large pointer finger to count everyone

Secretary- Works our picture schedule for us and moves the clip to the next activity as our day progresses

Custodian- Sweeps the dirt and wood chips outside

Care Giver: Takes care of our classroom pet

Photographer:  Uses our child size camera to take pictures throughout the day. 

Librarian:  Chooses the book we read for circle time.

Table Washer: Sprays the chairs and table with soapy water after lunch.

Recycler: Takes our recycling out at the end of the day.

Topic Starter:  Starts a discussion during circle time with a topic of their choice.