Themes we have done in the past:  Fairy Tales, Ocean, Anatomy/Human Body, Dinosaurs, Space, Dr. Seuss, Love & Friendship, Nature, Arctic/Cold Weather,  Jungle, Human Anatomy, Rain Forest,  Farm

  Our themes incorporate the learning centers to provide your children with  a beneficial learning experience as everything becomes connected

Children will discuss with their classmates and teacher's what they may want to learn about. We will have a list of the children's interest and accomodate each of their ideas into our themes.  As children lose interest in a theme, we as a class will decide what to learn about next.



Themes rotate at the children's rate and follow their interest.  If the class becomes bored with a theme it will be shorter than the custom monthly time frame.  If the class is enjoying a certain theme, and their interest is growing we will continue the theme longer.  Themes are created with the children; students help the teachers set up for each new theme as well as take down the previous theme props and materials.  By including the children in this process they begin learning how to easily adapt to change as well as become part of the classroom and see it as their own.

The learning centers in the classroom will change with each theme (most centers will incorporate our theme).  By rotating the learning centers, the children are given new opportunities to work with different matierals, as well as find new experiences to challenge themselves.


The centers in our school include: Reading area, science table, sensory table, dramatic play area, writing center, block play, manipulatives/puzzles, and an art center

Miss Kelly's Academy
A Community Preschool
Ages Three-Five

Where play and creative expression

are encouraged on a daily basis

Human Anatomy