Where play and creative expression

are encouraged on a daily basis

Miss Kelly's Academy
A Community Preschool
Ages Three-Five

Tuition Based on a Monthly Rate


Rates begin June 2019

Rates do not include tax.  Tuition is an annual tuition, which is divided up into ten segments (August - May). We do this to ensure each monthly rate will be the same. 

Childcare assistance is accepted

  Tuition includes: morning & afternoon snack, field trips, on site group and private* speech and language therapist (SLP will come twice  a week and work with children on speech and language development), on site social worker*, guaranteed low ratio (6:1)


Schedule Options


                                                         Five Days           Three Days            Two Days

9:00-1:15 (half day)                             $582                  $384                     $272

9:00-4:00 (full day)                              $826                   $532                     $380

9:00-5:30 (late extension)                    $862                   $578                      $432

7:30-1:15 (early extension/half day)    $694                   $424                      $336

7:30-4:00 (early extension)                  $862                   $578                      $432

7:30-5:30 (extended day)                     $914                   $654                      $486

 Rates are on a monthly basis and do not include tax

*Children who qualify will also recieve private speech therapy

Drop in Rates: With one day notice

Early extension $ 10.50 a day (7:30-9:00)
Late extension $ 10.50 a day  (4:00-5:30)
Early and Late extension $18 a day
Nap time $22  (adding on 1:15- 4:00)

Add on day $55 (one fee - all day)

Early & After care are limited to 10 children per day. Children enrolled for monthly early or after care will have their spot reserved if they are within the first 10 to register.  If you would like to have a onetime drop in rate please let the academy know one day in advance.