Miss Kelly's Academy

 Tuition Based on a Monthly Rate

Rates begin June 2020

Tuition is an annual tuition, which is divided up into ten segments (August - May).

We do this to ensure each monthly rate will be the same. Shorter months or months with breaks are not prorated.

Childcare assistance is accepted

  Tuition includes: morning & afternoon snack, field trips, on site group and private speech and language therapy (SLP will come twice  a week and work with children on speech and language development), our guaranteed low ratio (6:1)


Schedule Options


                                                             Five Days                Three Days            Two Days

9:00-1:15 (half day)                             $594                       $392                      $278

9:00-4:00 (full day)                              $842                      $542                       $388

9:00-5:30 (late extension)                $880                      $590                        $440

7:30-1:15 (early extension/half day)  $708                  $432                      $342

7:30-4:00 (early extension)                  $880                   $602                      $440

7:30-5:30 (extended day)                     $932                   $654                      $496

 Rates are on a monthly basis and do not include tax

Drop in Rates: With one day notice

Early extension $ 10.50 a day (7:30-9:00)
Late extension $ 10.50 a day  (4:00-5:30)
Early and Late extension $20 a day
Nap time $24 a day (adding on 1:15- 4:00)

Add on day $60 Full Day, $30 Half Day

Early & After care are limited to 8 children per day. Children enrolled for monthly early or after care will have their spot reserved if they are within the first 6 to register.  If you would like to have a onetime drop in rate please let the academy know one day in advance so we may arrange coverage.