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About Us

Miss Kellys Academy - our Mission


Miss Kelly’s Academy is dedicated to providing children with an exploratory learning environment that enriches their experience through a Reggio inspired philosophy.  Within this philosophy, we create a theme-based preschool around the children’s interest. Children’s choices and interest are part of our curriculum and lead us onto our next theme. We believe that all children learn through play and experience, and give all children the opportunities they need to feel successful and confident in a school setting at an early age.

We provide a learning approach that engages children in their play. Our school focuses on themes aimed at the children's interest while connecting their learning abilities to our unique and developmentally appropriate learning centers. Reggio Emilia teaches us that children “have a hundred languages”.  Because of this, our academy tries to unite and develop these languages; innovation, fantasy, art, singing, music, dance, independence, science, construction, creative expression, the natural world,  communication….These languages are used to help children build knowledge and understand the world around them.



Our focus is on the whole child in an effort to help them achieve goals through:

  • individual encouragement

  • self-motivators

  • social and emotional competence

  • positive reinforcement

We don't lock our view on the children or their learning process as the world and it's people are always changing.

We believe that children have an enormous potential and curiosity, and we encourage their self theories and explanations.

Miss Kelly's Academy - Our Philosophy
Community Preschool
Miss Kellys Academy Albuquerque

Community Preschool

A community preschool incorporates the entire school as the children's classroom.   Children are not assigned to specific classrooms or teachers; they have the freedom to explore the school as their own classroom.


By creating a community preschool, we create an environment in which students feel valued as individuals, as well as connected to one another.  They will in turn grow a confidence in their need to belong, be competent, experience independence, and take ownership in the school as a whole.

Our school strives to build honor, and have a sense of place and memory throughout our traditions and base our decisions on shared goals and directions.  Our academy is a community of teachers, students and families.

Our community helps students grow, learn and collaborate through their self expectations, challenges and goals. Everyone in our community preschool will benefit when it is learned that as a community, each person has concern for the rest of its members. 

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