Our curriculum is adapted to each child's developmental stage and age appropriateness. We encourage children at all levels to develop a sense of emotional and social competence while challenging their creative and intellectual self.

Children will experience a classroom with students ages three to five years old; teachers will adapt to each child's stage and development while connecting the children's learning to the classroom themes at their own pace.

We are a play based preschool with an appropriate focus on academics.  Your child will experience a unique education as they learn facts and new information relative to our themes and the community  around us.  They will be exposed to new experiences and gain a high vocabulary while expanding their knowledge of the world.  Alphabet, number work and all academics will be adapted to each child's developmental needs and interest.  Children will grow with their independence, confidence, manners, kindness, friendship and creative self while being at our academy. They will be challenged, motivated, encouraged, and loved on a daily basis.

We offer a structured schedule for consistency with flexibility within each activity. At our school the children will explore through their own self-selection play, free art, small group activities, large group activities, music, dance, yoga, nature walks, science experiments, cooking together, beginning literacy and writing steps, all while learning around a designed theme of their interest (space, ocean, farm etc).


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